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Monday, June 9, 2008

the wonders of the web

I joined flickr (finally) today. It was a little disconcerting when I joined - CREATED a user - and there were apparently photos already there!?! Ones that I had uploaded????!!!!!!? They were photos from my vacation in December and January to Argentina and Chile.

Anyway besides that. Things are back to normal. The written thesis is just about complete - for those truly interested it will be available through The thesis book (and companion piece to the videos) should be back from the publisher before the end of the month and is available for sale.

Barcelona was amazing, as usual. I learned quite a bit. I have a gallery: It is a small gallery/artist store in the Born (neighborhood in the center of Barcelona). They will be selling the thesis books with companion DVDs. I also have an agent - well actually there are three of them. They will be bringing me up to date and speed with 2008!!! Ha! revamping my website and promoting the hell out of me and my work!

Next show is in Charlotte at the Fine Arts building at Queens University. What will I be showing??? That is the question of the hour, no? I am hoping to be premier the newest piece Qwertyuiop as well as show some - or all - of the videos from my MFA thesis show. We will see how it all pans out. I am still awaiting photos and measurements of the space - it is making my nervous. My muscles are all spasming out.

I'll be back in studio this week (once I get all of the administrative bureaucratic crap out of the way). And I will have more exciting updates then!!

Otherwise I am just trying to stay cool.

Un saludo!

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