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Saturday, February 2, 2008

hidden realities

So if I am permanently a tourist. Seeing things that are 'hidden' to natives. What am I seeing? 'Hidden Realities'?
In my process I boldly take my camera out and video what I see in front of me. I focus on children, walls, and families. Those are what interest me most. Walls may seem like an odd ball, but it is the separation and distance created by the walls that talks to the intimacy of the people in the other videos, that is the connection.
Individually the videos I make may see strange and unfinished, which is mainly because they are. One may be visually beautiful all on its own, but it isn't complete conceptually until it is seen in conjunction with the others, with the families, with the walls, with the children.
They are short, the videos. Their duration can be one second or just over 2 minutes. Juxtaposed with the one second video the two minute one can seem like an eternity. The time that is captured is stretched and compressed. The work is temporal. The temporality of the work becomes the work. A game is played between what is hidden and what is revealed.
The game may highlight what the native has hidden while simultaneously hiding time. The rules change with each piece. Part of the game for the viewer is to 'figure out' these rules, to know them without being able to officially articulate them. Once this occurs, a new game begins.