nicole rademacher

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

short videos

I am looking for short videos. Short videos because I make short videos. I want to see other people's short video, but somehow I am always disappointed. Like this 12 second video for example:
Edge Transfer (2008) by Damon Zucconi from Why + Wherefore on Vimeo.
I just don't get it. OK, fine I get it, but I don't see the point. Maybe I am missing something vital in art history or my education. Maybe I am too stuck on the way that I approach my 12 second videos (and I realized yesterday that I have a ton of those!) Do I expect other artists to do the same? NO. I just expect to see something inspiring or different. A piece that actually challenges or perhaps uses the 12 seconds wisely. How is the duration essential? Why is it only 12 seconds? Why is it not longer? I am just disappointed, again. I should go out and look for more. There must be some inspiring really short videos somewhere!! I have faith.

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