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Sunday, June 15, 2008


I have been learning Portuguese for a week, now. It is really pretty easy. I am almost done with the first CD - AND I WANT MORE!!! The CDs are good, but I want to read and write in it too!! If I could write in it I would write this whole entry in it, just because I would be able to. It would probably be as bad as that dairy entry I wrote in Spanish June 24, 2001. Hmmm I wonder if I could find that.
bueno. I can't find it, but I just had a pretty ridiculous conversation with Matías on gmail chat:
matías: oigame, algo aparte, tu usas o sabes como funciona ichat
me: no sé
no lo usu
matías: si`po por eso te digo K BUENO
que parece que tiene mejor resolucion la cam
que a través de skype
me: no sé
matías: bueno da igual
lo que pasa es que me pedia una cuenta .mac
me: ?
matías: eso`po, no cacho
me: no chachas? k ichat?
matías: calro`po
me: bueno. yo tampoco

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Lily said...

Have fun learning Portuguese - it's a beautiful language!
Boa Sorte - good luck x