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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thoughts on Video Art and being 'different'

Video art is really so vast. It encompasses music videos, cinematic narratives, interactive works, short works, performance, documentary, animation - anyway, the list goes on. It always seems to be difficult for me to find video work that I truly enjoy. I know that sounds pretty pompous and insane since I myself am a video artist. Perhaps it is because I feel that what I am doing is somehow different from what the other videos artists are doing. I guess that is the plight of the artist. They always feel 'different' from everyone else, even if that everyone else are artists too. I have been reading a lot of Cortázar lately (when am I not, really) and he made a comment about this - I wish I could remember which short story it was in - well it was in Around the Day in Eighty Worlds (No I didn't mix them up, it is actually the title). So he mentions this idea that the poet or writer are always at least a poet first because it is an east way to express angst about being 'different'. The sense that you are different occurs, then you have to figure out how to express it and make sense of it, usually starting with poetry. Did you ever write poetry when you were a kid? I know I did. Never thought about it as angst. Didn't know that one could be angsty at 9... Hmmm I forgot where I was going with this. Maybe I should just continue this later - or tomorrow. Right, video art, and my displacement within the professional field. Video art and how I feel about the majority of the work I see (especially this pst month at the LOOP Video Art Festival in Barcelona). I'll have to get back to that later. I got a cook-out with colleagues to go to. Maybe I can flesh out some of my ideas with them after a few glasses of wine. ciao

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