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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

Launch it! Cologne OFF IV - Here we are!

Happy Video! - Merry Christmas !!
15 December 2008

VideoChannel - video project environments
is happy to launch online just in time before Christmas 2008
"Here We Are! - the 4th festival edition of
CologneOFF - Cologne Online Film Festival
presenting until now the largest festival program
featuring 142 selected short films and videos.

CologneOFF is a new mobile type of film and video festival ,
taking place simultaneously online and
in physical space in cooperation with partner festivals.

This year, the world premiere took already place in October at Museum of Contemporary Art MACZUL
in Maracaibo/Venezuela, in the framework of the annual digital art festival, the German premiere
in the framework of 24 Hours of Nuremberg Film Festival im November 2008

"Here We Are!" - is offerering the visitors the entire heavenly festival program in three sections online
1. -->OFF - the offical festival program inclusing 35 Films
2. -->LAB - the laboratory for 80 films under different thematical aspects
--> (de)materialization LAB
--> memory LAB
--> identitymix LAB
--> (de)(re)socialization LAB
--> re-performance LAB
--> re-naturation LAB
3. -->MOTHER - a special program of 27 films on the theme of "mother"
For each section an individual PDF catalogue is dowbloadable from the festival site.
Enter the festival via -->
The launch of CologneOFF IV represents also the occasion for publishing
50 interviews on VIP - VideoChannel Interviews Project
with authors participating in CologneOFF IV, intending to give the visitors
interesting background information about video art creating.
Further, VideoChannel is starting a new tool,
i.e. VAD - Video Art Database -
in order to manage the comprehensive collection of hundreds of videos
included in the project platforms of [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne -
in this way all videos can be accessed in future also individually.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cologne OFF Launch Monday!

Two videos of mine: (d)espere [2006] and Walk with me [2007] are being screened in the fourth edition of the Cologne OFF Festival.

(d)espere is a part of the LAB section and Walk with me is a part of the Mother section. This Monday will be the online launch (yipeeeeee), while the world premier was in Venezuela in October.

Here is a list of the other artists participating in the festival. Stay tuned - Monday I will post the link.

Hasta el lunes ...


toss; trash; throw away; dispose of; abandon; cast; cast off; chase; clear; discard; dismiss; dispense with; ditch; drop; dump; eject; eliminate; evict; extrude; free oneself of; get rid of; jettison; junk; lose; refuse; reject; rid oneself of; scrap; shake off; shed; shuck; slip; throw off; throw out; turn down; unburden; get rid of; abandon; relinquish; shed; do away with; dump

I think this is the opposite of collecting. Hmmmm first, you have to collect what you want to dump.

What is the residue of abandonment?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Messes of Life Mixed Up with Systems of Messes

One mess of things to take and another of things to leave behind. Packing up a life into a couple of suitcases just isn't possible. I guess that is why we have family members - to store what doesn't fit.
Why am I keeping all of that crap? Why am I still collecting crap?

This leads me to think about something I heard recently that collecting and individuality aren't as interesting as system and principle. So collecting is synonymous with individuality? Is that true? I had always thought of collecting as about groups, but each component of a collection is individual. Usually people say that the individual components make up a whole. Can the individual components stand on their own?
You ask that question often as an artist, especially if you work with dipyichs/triptychs, or anything that may be a series. Can those pieces stand on their own? And do they need to? If they stand on their own, does it make the whole piece redundant?

But back to this whole more interesting thing. System and principle are more interesting than collection and individual. The principle for your system of collection; you collect individual things.


I tried to write a story about this. I do mean "tried". The concept of deconstructing collection and system seemed so abstract as to not lend itself to narrative. Now this seems odd. Narrative exists in everything, even non-narrative (I can touch on that in a later post).
Here is an except: I didn't think that any of them were particularly interesting. The seemed pretty boring; a few were gray-ish, some were brown-ish; some were large-ish, some were small-ish. From what I could tell he may as well have collected them moments before our encounter.
I plan to finish that story one day. A narrative must exist somewhere. Even if it is only a non-narrative.


This begs the question: what is my system of collection? is it still valid? WHAT NEEDS TO BE THROWN OUT?

The order of DisOrder

Monday, December 1, 2008

Online Interview for Cologne OFF

VIP - VideoChannel Interview Project

published the 4th series of interviews with new videoartists

David Jakubovic (USA),
Miri Nishri (Israel), Irina Novarese (Italy)
Nicole Rademacher (USA), Arthur Reynolds (USA)
Daniel Rodrigo (Spain), Pekka Ruuska (FI),
Mark Ramsel Salvatus (Philippines)
Antti Savela (Sweden), Daniel Slattnes (Norway,
Sumit Roy (India), Daniel Tesy (Hungary)

During the following weeks until the official online launch of
CologneOFF - Cologne Online Film Festival
4th edition - "Here We Are!" - on 11 December 2008 -
each week another couple of new interviews will be posted.

See you next week!

VideoChannel - video project environments
corporate part of
the experimental platform for art and new media
from Cologne/Germany


I think writing on the computer, as my sole form of writing, makes me feel like everything is final.

It seems that what I type is not personal and is published for the world to see. It is/will be. That is the nature of the blog, but somehow when I write on paper it seems more personal.
Why is that?