nicole rademacher

Monday, October 27, 2008

My day started at 2am

  • set alarm for 6am instead of 8am, by accident
  • woke up at 6am
  • hit snooze
  • hit snooze again
  • reset alarm for 8am
  • hit snooze
  • hit snooze
  • lay in bed thinking about what I should wear to work
  • stretched, pretending that I was doing something productive
  • got out of bed
  • had a coffee
  • got my bag(s) ready
  • called to make a dentist appointment
  • cordless phone battery died right after the system at the dentist's office went down
  • called back with cell phone
  • as I was leaving the house my cell phone battery died before I could finish making the appointment
  • got prints made for the docu DVD
  • mailed the DVDs
  • drove (the long way, by accident) to the gym
  • realized that the clock in the car was not slow - I had 18 more minutes than I had thought
  • parked at work
  • realized that I had left the parking tag in the other car
  • got a temporary that I had to walk back and put in the car
  • tried to get into the faculty offices
  • realized that my badge doesn't work because last week I had forgotten my badge and they made me a new one (each faculty member can only have one working badge)
  • dropped off the badge to get re-initialized
  • put the temporary parking tag in my car
  • got my re-initialized badge
  • taught class
  • picked up book that came in through Inter Library Loan
  • ready for sleep

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