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Monday, October 20, 2008

Questions from an insomniac - they don't need to be answered, just asked.

  • How do you teach students to use the computer to develop process not just product?
  • How does creating work on the computer create residue?
  • Does digital residue exist?
  • Why is it considered old school to use a sketch book?
  • Can a blog replace a sketch book?
  • Can a machine be a tool instead of a means to an end?
  • Why is the first place I look for information the internet?
  • Is that a good thing?
  • Can students learn how to think by drawing lines with the Wacom tablet?
  • Why does it seem that students know less and less about history, even contemporary history?
  • When did soley making become the curriculum?
  • How did reading become passé?
  • How is it that the more I try to find other methods of thinking I find that I still seem to fall back on the same method?
  • How do you know when an original idea is radical and when it is original?
  • What's the difference?
  • Is being focused all the time truly a good trait?
  • How many different generations of the same thing must I do before I realize that it is complete?
  • Damn, it is never complete, is it?
  • When will I stop imagining roaches randomly and nonchalantly walking across my floor?
  • How did the classics become the classics?
  • Can I nominate books for that distinction?
  • Why do I find myself consistently and constantly inspired by people/artists that inspired me long ago?
  • Why do I feel like everyone should be as inspired by them?
to be continued...

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