nicole rademacher

Thursday, November 1, 2007

more research and shooting

tueday was expecting mother and her mother day.
i think the most valuable from the day i spent with them will be the audio. there were references to the expening mother's childhood and her current husband and the workings of their relationship as a household team and how they are planning to manage the baby. the action was mostly, once again, making dinner.

wedensday i went to the video data bank: ximena cuevas, guillero gomez-pena, darrin martin, woman performance art . . . lots of ideas, thoughts, ways of looking, and shooting.

a lot of what i am getting from these interactions is understanding how the roles function. between brother-sister, mother-daughter, . . . field work, if you will.

today. thursday. food poisoning. i think that carrot and ginger soup from au bon pain downtown was the culprtit. the family should be home again tonight . . .

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