nicole rademacher

Friday, November 30, 2007

how my thesis has evolved

So it started with memory construction and family and roles that the individuals play and its role in identity construction. I have dropped the specificity of the roles and left that as something that is being explored more abstractly, an idea while I am shooting and editing, but not central in the theory. More interesting to me is how our memories/experiences with our families construct our personal narrative and therefore identity. Our long-term memories and short-term memories. The memories that are ours and the memories that we share because we saw others experience it, and/or longed for it.

How do we retrieve those memories? Can we retrieve them? Do we have control over that? How do they come to us? How do we construct those? What part does imagination play in the negotiation between real and desired? Do we dwell on them? Do we desire to dwell on them and cannot? How ephemeral are they? How temporal are they?

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