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Monday, October 29, 2007

thoughts about shooting

today was the first day i went out and shot shot shot. with the total intention of shooting all day.
i got some nice shots from the train going down into the city from roger's park, some families in millenium park, some random children with their parents while we were waiting for the diversey bus, rosa y manny making dinner, and some dinner conversation.
rosa and manny (the mother and son) were a bit uncomfotable with the camera at first, but i do a bit of shooting then leave it running. that way i am getting more than they know, but also familiarizing them with having the camera going.
francisco (the dad) comes back on wednesday. i am hoping to get more then. especially because mindy (the daughter) is closer to her father . . .

on a different note, i got my alumni i.d. from saic, but i am not sure if i can use the lab. everyone that i know who still works there - wasn't there. maybe i will be downtown and try again tomorrow. i haven't figured out my game plan for tuesday, yet.
then again, i am not sure that i want to look at the footage before returning to alfred.
. . .

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