nicole rademacher

Saturday, December 13, 2008


toss; trash; throw away; dispose of; abandon; cast; cast off; chase; clear; discard; dismiss; dispense with; ditch; drop; dump; eject; eliminate; evict; extrude; free oneself of; get rid of; jettison; junk; lose; refuse; reject; rid oneself of; scrap; shake off; shed; shuck; slip; throw off; throw out; turn down; unburden; get rid of; abandon; relinquish; shed; do away with; dump

I think this is the opposite of collecting. Hmmmm first, you have to collect what you want to dump.

What is the residue of abandonment?


jartgas said...

clear, throw off, unload, remove

Jasmine said...

I'm in the process of this right now. Really frustrating to sit with the decision to purge yourself of the things that you spent so much time attaining. There will always be more...