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Friday, September 5, 2008

More from a different time.

Ah yes, Barcelona and my first time there (2001-2002). I really made a lot of work during my 'project immersion'. I'm not sure if all of it is exhibition worthy, but it is definitely indicative of my process.

Below is a scan of a page from my sketch book (which I just found while cleaning out a hard drive) while working on Place. I assume that the writing is just a story (actually a snippet of one, I used to like to write snippets of nonexistent stories - ok, I still do.) that was swarming around in my head. The photo is from the booth at the Ramblas entrance to the Drassanes Station on the green line in Barcelona. I would go in the booth with layers and layers of clothing, put money in the slots and dress and undress while the photos shot.

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