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Saturday, July 26, 2008


[Yes I wrote it like that because I received a bunch of spam comments right after I posted it when I wrote it normal. Hmmmmmmm]
Wordpress is supposed to be AMAZING! SO EASY TO USE! Well, I thought I would install it and see if I could move my blog to my website. I consider myself to be pretty savvy, despite the fact that I don't really do any web design anymore. If nothing else, I am real good at following directions from a manual or readme file. So I install it. I set up a new database on my server, blah blah blah. When I go to actually install the database and USE it, I continually get the message in the image below. ARGH. I do some research (not too much luckily) and find out that the problem is Leopard. What the? Come on - NOW!?! STILL!?! Really this is too much. It turns out that MySQL still hasn't updated what they need to to work with Leopard. I realized that it was just too much crap to deal with just to 'test' it. I can wait - until they clear this all up. Of course by then I will have probably updated my OS to the next best thing.... Whatever. I am just bummed.

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