nicole rademacher

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


It started as a flip book. I asked several people
who have another native tongue to ask the
question, 'Where are you from?" in their native
language. Focusing only on their mouths, I video
taped the phrases. I am interested in the movements
of their mouths and the relationship to the
phonetics/pronunciation. I thought I would make
the flip books as travel phrase books. This mutated.
With the flip books in hand, I went out to the street
asking people to TRY to pronounce the phrases.
They flipped the book a few times and genuinely
tried to pronounce solely based on the mouth
movements they saw in the book.
I recorded these attempts.

While compiling another flip book, I decided to make
an animation. And having fun with AfterEffects,
I stumbled the above animation (Chinese-Mandarin).
I am now animating the others: Danish, Greek,
Korean, Norwegian, Polish, and Spanish.

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Victoria said...

what did you use in after effects for this? did you like after effects?