nicole rademacher

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Writings about my current/future work

In my studio practice, I draw upon methods of autobiographical story telling, personal narratives, and emotions evoked via these stories. I process the records of events and emotions through various digital and traditional media. I then articulate what I have generated through photography, text, and video. I do not classify myself as a video artist because my process requires that I work in many media simultaneously. Recently I am relying more on fieldwork and archival research as a means to gain material to produce bodies of work. Family structure, oral history, and identity shape my work. With my academic interests in anthropology and language, I plan to push the connection that contemporary art and these fields can encompass. Propelled by my recent experiences and discoveries, my work has taken on a deeper personal significance. I have been intermingling language and mixing up metaphors; I am searching for a new and distinct understanding of the concepts I juxtapose. With an ethereal and uniquely narrative quality, my video works offer allegorical imagery. My thesis show will encompass video portraits of emotions and roles that members of both of my nuclear families have held and currently hold. I am also generating books of constructed and imaginary family histories, using my own lineages as vehicles.

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