nicole rademacher

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Appropriation and such

I was thinking about hybridity and appropriation. how hybridity is really just appropriating from two or more sources. and overlaying them or superimposing them integrating them. what gets thrown away and what becomes a part of the new hybrid identity? and what is the value of what was thrown away? was it thrown away because it is only useful in its original form, before the hybrid existed or does it/can it become a part of a different hybrid and what are the criteria for that?
i guess it is just survival of the fittest, right?
i want to believe that there is some choosing happening. that i, myself, as a hybrid and actively choosing what i want to identify with. how i self identify. how i create and mold my own identity.
i could choose to not identify as a hybrid and just be a normal person. not focus on being adopted and the new family i have (meaning both of them together as one, as mine).
i mean, everyone is a hybrid or multiple or plural.
ok, more reading.

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