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Friday, July 30, 2010

Retreiving Humanity TONIGHT!!

Hi and sorry for the late post. I was internet-less for 2 whole days!!! I know, I myself was frightened for my well-being as well.

I was invited to collaborate with Parallel Flux on their Retrieving Humanity interactive performance and installation in Santa Fe, New Mexico TONIGHT! Many of you perhaps don't live in Santa Fe and won't have the opportunity to go, but I am sure that Parallel Flux will be documenting like crazy.

Retrieving Humanity will address the difference between viewing culture from the outside or engaging with it as a participant. The audience will be encouraged to explore these differing attitudes and test the traditional boundary between audience and performer by becoming a participant. Santa Fe Complex will be transformed into an immersive space with a promenade of six kiosks, each with unique video and audio from around the world. At the end of the promenade will be a large screen displaying a mix of this visual information.

As participants approach each kiosk they witness various live scenes from around the world: from my living room we will be transmitting an Once (which is a dinner, of sorts). The other participants are as follows:

Ipoh, Malaysia – Kamal Sabran

Brisbane, Australia – Rozina Suliman with LALITCS

Seoul, South Korea – Bo Kyung Suh

Lagos, Nigeria – Emeka Ogboh

Bern, Switzerland – Michael Spahr

Should make for an exciting event.

Please stay tuned for more updates about this exhibition and other things of the like.

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