nicole rademacher

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Always a work in progress

Statement :

I am an artist, polyglot, promoter of polyglot-ism and creative-ness. Communication and language are vital in my work; they are the impetus. Gesture and perception are concepts that shape it. Hinting at longing and melancholy, my work asks the viewer to question how they perceive. With perception as a key concept, duration consistently carries a lead role in how my work takes form.

Audio-visually, I take leads from Peter Kubelka and Mona Hatoum, among others. Conceptually, anthropologists, cultural academics, and philosophers such as Claude Lévi-Strauss, Néstor García Canclini, and Alva Nöe give shape and inspiration to my work.

Recently I have been more interested in observation and allowing the story to tell itself rather than inventing characters, scenarios, and plots. I am a firm believer that reality is much more interesting than fiction, but we have to be alert to the stories it tells.

~Nicole Rademacher, February 2010.


Shark said...

Utter bollox.

nic said...

really? "shark", you don't have anything more exciting in you life than to write tantas weás en mi blog?

Shark said...

What can I say? February is a slow month!

I like how you prove your polyglot credentials in your 'reply'.