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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Not just Etgar Keret

So here I am: lazy, sunny, spring Saturday afternoon (in the southern hemisphere). Randomly between working on things, looking for opportunities, cleaning up the house, and chatting with friends online. WBEZ again, I just can't leave Chicago behind. This American Life, again - it IS addicting, isn't it? (damn there is that question tag that I told the Brits that I just simply don't use!!)

So, Ira Glass (who my friend Paula has a devastating crush on) is interviewing Etgar Keret. I was introduced to Keret's work by a friend of mine, well, a former student, she's kinda like my lil' sister - but a dear friend nonetheless. Obviously this headline: Ira Glass interviews Etgar Keret caught my eye. I clicked on all the numerous clicks (perhaps there were just two) to get to the video - I thought, when given the option, "Damn, the video would be better than just the audio." My, how I am so adjusted to the media . . .

The clicks led me to the video, which wasn't just the video of Etgar Keret, but of a lot of interviews. And the interesting thing is that the Artist in Residence at the NY Public Library (Flash Rosenberg) draws during the interviews. Hence the video is her drawings. I don't want to give any adjectives - that would just spoil the fun. Watch the video. Or download it and fast-forward to certain parts. It is rather long, but there are some gems.

Here is a preview - with John Lithgow (personal favorite)

Or watch the whole thing from the NY Public Library.

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