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Saturday, May 2, 2009


I recently updated my bio and statement online (long over due, really).

What do you think?

I was born in one place, but grew up in another. Then, I left the latter. I consistently swap cities and/or continents. Currently I find myself in Santiago de Chile. My work work relies on these alterations of my physical and cultural environment.
I have worked in several different mediums. My education started in architecture and engineering; soon I migrated to photography. Between photography and video: I switched continents (twice), learned Spanish, and developed some installation tendencies (amongst other habits). I received my BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, finally, in 2004. Almost forthwith, I swapped Chicago for Nantes and then Nantes for my first love, Barcelona - all the while developing my practice and learning new media. Recently, I completed my MFA (New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University) in Electronic Integrated Arts where fusion and synthesis forced focus (perhaps it was the freezing climate, too). Hovering in "new media", my work tackles communication in all of its varied forms.

I have exhibited and screened work mostly in North America and Europe, but most recently in Asia, Australia, and South America as well. See NEWS, RESUME, or BLOG for the latest info.


My point of departure in my artistic practice is communication and language. Language reveals itself in a menagerie of embodiments: spoken, written, body, ... I look at these forms, dissect, and shift them. My interests span from an unintelligible utterance and a fleeting hand movement to the complex grammatical structures that exist in spoken languages that have no written form.
My videos hint at longing and melancholy. I observe and show you what I see, how I see it. Walls and distance (between the viewer and the subject or between "characters") are ever present. Duration consistently carries a lead role, but the characters have not been cast.

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