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Thursday, November 6, 2008


While traditionally I am not a political person, I feel that the results of the election require a comment, especially after reading a note a friend of mine posted on Facebook:

How come you supported Obama?

I'm not trying to start a fight. I'm just curious. I've already had a few people drop me from their friend's list because of different political beliefs, and I've been called a racist several times because I don't support Obama.

I am SURE that someone out there can do better than that. So could someone please tell me on what issues they side with Obama? I ask because I cannot find a single issue that anyone would rationally say, "yes, I agree with him and I believe that is the best course of action for our nation".

Or does it really just boil down to one of the following:
-yes, we can
-a vote for Obama is a vote against Bush

Please, give me hope that we voted him into office for reasons other than those.

This was my response (which didn't fit on one comment space, so I had to post two!):

They may have dropped you because of how you are making your comments, rather than your support of McCain.

I, too, am a registered independent, and I voted for someone who I believe can actually change our country back to what we grew up believing it was. I have felt completely estranged from American politics and America for years (hence my constant living abroad). In the past few days I have received emails from non-US friends of mine encouraging me to vote for Obama and also congratulating me after Tuesday night. I think that the world's perspective of our country and us as Americans is important; it is quite amazing how much an effect our president has on other countries and on how they view us - whether or not you feel that is a valid relationship, that is a relationship that the world makes. This election and hence the results are about so much more than just who we want in office for the next four years. I don't necessarily support all of what Obama supports, nor do I think that he will be able to complete all of the promises that he has made, but I believe in him. I believe that he (and, let's be honest, his team) will be able to help us through this financial crisis, find a way for us to pull out of Iraq successfully and peacefully, and find our place in the world not as a THE world power, but a power among many, which is our place.

I hope that makes sense to you. I am sorry that your heart has broken and that someone who you supported so whole-heartedly didn't win. But, I hope that you can come to terms and realize how historical these results are - not just because he is our first black president. He had so many supporters from all walks of life, all races, all ages ... yeah, sure some of the people who voted for him voted blindly for change or an African-American, but some people who voted for McCain made similar decisions. Many people who voted for the first time because they have felt disenfranchised with the political system and voted for Obama now feel that their vote truly can make a difference. This is important to the future of our country. A country where the people (all the people) matter is the country that I thought I grew up in, but as I became an adult I did not see it that way.

P.S. i would never drop you from my fb friends, in fact even though some things you have written infuriate me, it is wonderful to hear your opinions because they would absolutely NEVER occur to me.

This event is not about race, but about opportunity and the since defunct American Dream. There is a new energy in the American people. Even though I don't like to repeat rhetoric (especially political rhetoric), but it is about hope. A hope that was lost when JFK was killed. A hope that died when Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot. A hope that some Americans never even knew they had.


jartgas said...

Well, well, well, I must say that this is probably one of the best statements made that I have read thus far. There are many good points that you have made here. I too am growing up and seeing what this contry has been really offering our people. It, like you said, was not what I had expected when I was young.

One thing that I have been thinking about after this election was over has been why is it that people voted. I think that this is probably the hardest question to answer. I just feel that many could have been influenced by the media and gone solely with what the media and celeberties were saying. On top of that I dont think that enoght of us actually bothered to really understand what each party was truly about. I dont know. It is rather hard to explain and I guess to undertand.

I just hope that people dont let this momentum that we have picked up die down. I hope that we stop being active and keep trying to get informed. I hope we dont just take in the first thing that we hear without getting the backup information. I hope that we dont stop helping one another and stop being so selfish.

nic said...

Amen! Let's not stop thinking! Let's not stop hoping! Let's not stop wanting change! Let's not stop thinking about us in the world!