nicole rademacher

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

other people

063- what is intriguing about this video is that aspect of time, time being captured, that time that we tend to miss because it happens so quickly. im not so sure how i feel about the color. its just not doing anything for me, i do feel like its not supposed to be there. now i dont know what the piece is fully about but i feel like time and moments in time with the girl, young and vivacious, and for that wish we could at least have her in our view a bit more.
060- huh, state of confusion. with all the motion, with the little girl we not knowing who it is that she is looking at. and then where she is walking off to. i felt like i was left behind. i felt like the girl was at a state of confusion. its interesting that you have the little girl at the center of this shot, because is that what it really looks like to us when we are that young? how are we supposed to know exactly what the world looks like through that girls eyes. i think that its well balanced piece.
058- i dont know how i feel about this one. part of me is saying there needs to be more footage, otherwise less motion. i dont know what it is that you are trying to convey in this one. unless its about that emotion of having that hot sun down ontop of us and wanting to quit the hike.

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