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Sunday, December 9, 2007

by a friend

This was sent to me (via email) as a response to reading my thesis blog (I hope he/she doesn't mind that I am posting it):

my first memory is my mother changing my diaper on an antique green
vintage diaper changing thingy... it was in my room, in between two
windows and i actually remember having them changed there and loving the
colors in the room and the light. the wallpaper is still in the room
today and it is covered with little girls... a print. one girl is
swinging, one is standing under a gazebo, and another is playing a
viola. the colors are bright pink, yellow, white, and brown (this is
the early early 70's).

later on as a child i would stare at the wallpaper contstantly until i
could imagine the girls moving on the wall.

thought you may like that little story. memory is facinating isnt it?
something i find interesting about it is that a memory is what attaches
us to things in life. without a memory we do not feel the same way
about a place, object or a person. life is about experiences. our
lives are what we remember we experienced.

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